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 Hello, I'm Milton, the  dad.   At a very young age, I was an animal lover.  Soon I became a wanna be veterinarian that majored in biology and then ended up in teaching and have now retired after 32 years.  I taught General Science, Biology, Reading,Cultures, and Choral Music.  Tucker, my son, now 24, has graduated from Purdue in agricultural engineering.  I don't think he's really ever caught my fever for animals in general.  He enjoys them but basically just respects my passion and helps me in my adventure. Tuckers Farm was begun in 1996 with the purchase of a gorgeous red dun frame overo colt, LTD'S NACHO PLANO RED.   The family had gone out west on vacation and on the way home, stopped by LTD'S Mini Horse Farm in Sedalia, Missouri.  Nacho was an outstanding colt sired by LTD'S Magic Man that spring and we fell in love with him.  We soon struck a deal then left him at the farm so Lisa Davis, owner of LTD'S Minis,  could continue training him for the AMHR finals.  At 6 months of age, the little rascal outshined allof  his competitors in one of his classes and became the AMHR National  Champion Multicolor  Stallion.  Soon several nice mares had been gathered and the program was on its way. The next spring we also were able to purchase Shredder, LTD'S Magic Man's sire.  We enjoyed many outstanding foals from these two stallions during the following several years.  We sold all of our horses nine years after our breeding program began and concentrated on other interests.  I soon found out that I had a true passion for these animals though and their absence had left a big hole in my life that needed to be refilled.  So in the spring of 2009, a new group of  horses was selected and Tuckers Farm was once again in operation.   Currently, along with our new herd of minis, we have several breeding teacup mini pigs.


                 LTD'S NACHO PLANO RED


 In the spring of 2013, I located the horse that started our mini herd back in 1996.  We had sold him along with the rest of the herd in 2004.  He was living in New York and I struck up a conversation with his newest owner, Courtney Smith.  After many emails back and forth with Courtney, she agreed to sell Nacho back to me.  He arrived home in August as beautiful as ever.  Thanks Courtney for allowing us to bring Nacho back into our lives.

Tucker, age 5 and Nacho age 6 months. He had just won his AMHR National Multicolor Stallion Title


Milton (dad)                 Tucker (son)



The farm is located 16 miles west of the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway  Racetrack.  It is approximately 12 miles north of Danville, IN; 12 miles south of Lebanon, IN; and 26 miles east of Crawfordsville, IN.

8264 N CR 150 E 
Pittsboro Indiana 46167 USA

317 / 850 / 7205

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