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                Tuckers Farm Stallions    



 AMHA / AMHR     32.25"    Born 3-26-96   Nacho is a red dun frame overo

ee Dd  Oo      LWO pos

Sired by LTD's Magic Man

Grandsire is Shredder

Tuckers Farm owned this magnificent horse from 1996 to 2004

In the spring of 2013, I found Nacho in the state of New York.  His owner and I talked for quite a while and she agreed to sell him back to me.  I was elated.  Nacho came back home in August of 2013.

Welcome home buddy!

 The ribbons below were won by several of LTD's horses.



Sire:  LTD's Magic Man

                  Grand sire:  Shredder

           Grand sire: LTD's Two Tone Trigger  


                         Great Grand sire:  Sonrisa's Hajel                     


 Dam:  LTD's Spicy Cinnamon

                   Grand dam: Samples Wendy Blue Eyed

                                       Great Grand Dam:  Samples Tadita Blue Eyed Overo


    TuckerSample Printz Shredders Overo  AMHR / AMHA      31.75"     Black Frame Sabino Overo                                                

Ee      LWO positive

I was very excited to get the opportunity to buy this beautiful stallion the spring of 2011.  Below right is baby sample and his dam, a sorrel mare.


Sire: LTD's Printz Of Shredder (2 pics)

Dam:  Miller's Red's Lady Katie

 Grand Sire:  Shredder

                              Great Grand Sire:  Sonrisa's Hajel

                                             Great Grand Dam:  Kay Bee's Miss Elly


Sire:  Shredder              2012             AMHR / AMHA

Chocolate Silver

EE or Ee      LWO negative




Sire:  Shredder

                                          Grand Sire:  Sonrisa's Hajel

                                                                Dam:  Aspen Ridge Farm Cloud's Diamond 


        Great Grand Dam:  East Acres Paint Brush Lady        

   The Stallions Below Are For Reference

We owned Shredder and Tuckers Magic To Do at one time and sold them in the early 2000's.

         SHREDDER         Sire of :   LTD's Magic Man    Grandsire of Tuckersample Printz Shredders Overo       Grandsire of LTDs Nacho Plano Red                                Sire of Tuckers Shredders Filthy Rich.


Tuckers Farm owned Shredder from 1997 to 2004

Now Owned by Richlynn Miniatures

Passed On Spring Of 2015

Ee Toto        LWO negative

LTD's MAGIC MAN               son of Shredder         sire of              LTD's NACHO PLANO RED                        sire of              TUCKERS MAGIC TO DO                             

Owned by LTD's Miniatures 

                LTDs Printz Of Shredder

Printz is the sire of TuckerSample Printz Shredders Overo


Tuckers Magic To Do     son of LTD's Magic Man  dam is Valley View Smokey  Too                                      LWO positive                Ee   Sabino

    Nostalgias Show Me The Money                        Owned by Nostalgia Farms         Louisville, Kentucky   

Sire of our mare  Nostalgias Pay On Time